A Very Touching Story...LOL

Once upon a time a small boy named Hamid lived in a tiny Moroccan village. All his classmates hated him for his stupidity especially his teacher who was always yelling at him, .........."You are driving me crazy Hamid!!!"
One day his mother went to check out how he is doing at school and the teacher told her honestly that her son is simply a disaster, getting very low marks and never had she seen such a dumb boy in her whole career. The mother could not accept such a feed back and she took her son out from that schoo. she even shifted to another city.
25 years later, that teacher got a cardiac disorder and all the doctors have advised her to go for an open heart operation which only one surgeon could perform. Left with no other choice she did it and the surgery was successful. When she opened her eyes, she saw a handsome doctor smiling to her, being under anesthesia effect, she wanted to thank him but could not talk, in turn, he was staring at her face which started turning blue, she was raising her hand trying to tell him something but in vain and eventually died.
The doctor was shocked and was trying to understand what just happened, till he turned back and saw our friend Hamid working as a cleaner in that hospital who unplugged the ventilator to connect his vacuum cleaner.
Don't tell that you were thinking that Hamid became a doctor...lol.
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