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Tenny was sharing his experience at a bar in Patiala where he meet some American tourists .
One of the Americans said, in a loud voice, "I heard people in Punjab think they are  great drinkers. I bet $5,000 that no-one here can drink 3 bottles of Jack Daniels in 10 minutes."
The bar was silent, the American noticed Tonny leaving, no-one took up the bet. 20 minutes later who left returned and said, "Hey Yank, is your bet still on?"
"Sure," said the American, "3 JD in 10 minutes for a bet of $5,000."
"Great...," replied Tenny, "so pour the whisky and start the clock."
It was very close but the last drop was consumed with 2 seconds to spare.
"OK Yank, pay up." said Tenny.

"I'm happy to pay, here's your money" said the American. "But tells me, when I first offered the wager I saw you leave. Where did you go?"
"Well sir," replied Tenny, "$5,000 is a lot of money to a man like me, so I went to the pub across the road to see if I could do it !And by the way I'm not Punjabi..........First of all I'mINDIAN and I was born in West Bengal 


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