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Recently I attended a party at Mumbai.There was a beautiful young lady, Shilu. She seemed  to be very witty and very sharp.One of the other guests popped up with a question at her, "How old are you?" For a moment she looked  a bit embarrassed and while I stood there wondering how she was going to wriggle out of the situation, she flashed a charming smile and replied, "My age three years hence multiplied by 3 and from that subtracted three times my age three years ago will give you my exact age".

The man who had asked her the age just walked away puzzled. then she leaned over and whispered to me "if he can calculate that one, he deserved to know my age."

cartoon picture of party

How old was she??
What do you think her age would be???

girls dancing at party

Keep thinking for the age of Shilu.
We will post the answer within 48 hours.

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