How much money did Neha spend on her shopping???

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Neha is a friend of  mine.
She asked me a question,that...................

She went out for shopping.She had approximately Rs  15.00 in her handbag, in one rupee notes and 20 p. coins.When she returned she had as many one rupee notes as she originally had and as many 20p. coins as she originally had one rupee notes.She actually came back with about one-third of what she had started out with.
How much did she spend and exactly how much did she have with her when she started with?

Answer :
Let us assume that originally Neha had X amount of Rupees and Y 20 paise coins.On going to shopping she had (100X + 20Y) paise.
She returned from market with only (100 Y + 20 X )paise.
This last sum, as we know, is one-third of the original and therefore.
3(100 Y + 20 X)= 100X +20 Y
Simplifying we have X=7 Y
If Y is 1 then X.Assuming this so Neha had 7.20 rupees when she set out for shopping.
This is wrong because Neha actually had about 15 rupees.
Let us see now what we get  if Y=2.Then X=14.
The original sum was 14.40 rupees which accords with the condition of the problem.
If we assume that Y= 3 then the sum will be too big-21.60 rupees.
Therefore the only suitable answer is 14.10rupees.
After shopping Neha had 2 one rupees notes and 14 twenty paise coins
This is actually 1/3 of the original sum 1440: 3=480
Neha's purchases, therefore, cost
14.40 - 4.80 =9.60


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