IAS officer gets warning for dress code

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Mr Amit Kataria, an IAS officer and collector of Jagdalpur in Chattisgarh has been served with a warning letter by the Chhattisgarh state BJP Government for violation of dress code and protocol. The officer had worn a blue shirt and sunglasses while receiving the Honorable Prime Minister last week. As per reports, a 'bundhgala' and no sunglasses is the usual protocol which the officer breached.

Amit Kataria

 An officer must be judged on the basis of his work and not on the basis of whether or not he wore a 'bundhgala' and sunglasses. It is high time we do away with such protocols that do not serve any practical purpose and give rise to fruitless controversies.

Also, pictures in the media show the PM wearing sunglasses on various occasions. There is nothing wrong in wearing clothes and glasses that make you comfortable, as long as the dress is decent enough for public events.

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