Insanely Creative and Crazy Answers on Exam Sheets

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School days were great. Filled with nostalgic moment. Now the exam times seems most crazy one.We often look back on those days when giving examinations was the only problem we had to deal with. The days of unadulterated fun, where examination question papers were the only thorn in an otherwise blissful phase. But not all of us were stressed, if these examination answer papers are anything to go by! Here is a compilation of insanely creative and crazy answers on  examination sheet.

1.If the exam paper setter can make mistake....why can't the student be crazy??

2. Corruption in exams

3. Pseudo Male ?

4. Solving world Problems

5. Modern day ramanujan

6. Pretty logical isn't it?

7. God’s angels ?

8.  Mathematics on meth

9. How cool is that !!

10. Ring-a-Ring-a

11. Desire to run out of the room and play.

12. Beyond the world

13.  Thinking something more than usual.

14. Remembering the fight with friend during exam.

15. Test and retest.

16. Deep deep illustration.

17. TV show on paper.

18. Extra effort for extra credit.

19. Influence of staying with family for long long hours and absorbing there words.

20. History is always "MISTRY".

21. How can the paper setter be so careless, although it is seen prominently on the question about what they ask.

22. Often the teachers are one track minded.

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