Most Careless!

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A Bihari man, a Bangali man and our very special Tenny were arguing on the hospital ward who was the most careless.

The Bihari guy said, "I'm the most careless, this morning I ramped a pavement and went head on into a wall, totally writing my car off, and now I have to wear this neck brace."

"Wow that is careless." Said the Bangali guy, "Not as careless as me though. This morning I drove straight through a red light and into the side of a van. My car is a write off and I've fractured my shoulder."

"That is careless." said Tenny, "Not as careless as me though. This morning I took a corner too fast, spiraled out of control, went straight into a lamppost and broke both of my legs."

"That is careless." Said the Bihari guy, "But what happened to your car?"

"Car!!! What car?" Replied Tenny, "I was walking."

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