Paresh Rawal to replace Boman Irani in Jolly LLB sequel

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Subhash Kapoor is ready with the sequel of his 2013 courtroom drama film Jolly LLB, but this time around, Paresh Rawal will replace Boman Irani.

Boman Irani and Paresh Rawal are both fine actors, so why would Subhash Kapoor replace Boman? Well, the reason is that while the simple Jolly still remains Arshad Warsi, in every sequel, the case will change and thus, the opposing lawyer too needs to change. The original case was inspired from the Sanjeev Nanda accident case and Boman's character had finally lost to Jolly.

This time around, we wonder what the case will be about and who would lose to whom. Our obvious guess is that Jolly would obviously need to win each time to keep the franchise going.

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