Find Out The New Buggati

There may arise a moment in life, for many of us when the temptation to quit would be paramount. Probably every calculation we did had already failed, and there is nothing but darkness and dead-end in front. At that particular moment, just remember a sports car named Bugatti Veyron.

It costs around $2.25 million, and its top speed is 431 km/hr. Car enthusiasts say, that the top speed of Bugatti Veyron has never been achieved; and the reason has nothing to do with its engine. The limiting factor here is the tires, which explode before hitting the top speed.

The legendary sports car – Bugatti, the 115-year-old brand which can give orgasm to any car lover, still manufactures this car, with a hope that someday a tire manufacturer will create a set of the tire which can withstand the intensity of its car.

If our one idea, one project, one dream ‘failed’, it doesn’t mean that there was a fault with that dream. It simply means Buggati in every one of us, and the limiting factor is not our pace; it’s about the time.

All we need to do is, “Be own self” and keep on creating. The world will have to adjust.

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