“Marks” or “Grade”!! Does it Even Matter?

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Board Examination results of Class 10th and 12th are getting published by all Boards and the trend of “90%” marks is the biggest rumor as of now. A student of class 10th shared on Reddit the marks that she scored, then she has been told if she doesn’t get 90% marks, her life is screwed.

Immediate effect YES, there will be.

Hello Friendz - Marks or Grade

A student may not get his/her college or stream of choice, but in the longer run, it has no value. On the contrary, getting fewer marks triggers a desire and appetite for success, which the toppers of class 10th and 12th soon loose. It has been a trend for long time students scoring less mark are forced to pursue humanities, commerce or any other subjects of liberal science. Quote unquote, which are proclaimed to be not so glamorous subject by a section of our society.

Hello Friendz - Grades and Marks

It has been found that liberal arts and psychology students will most probably become CEOs and Founders of the biggest organizations in the world. Marks or grade, are just a side-effect of an educational system, which has failed to evolve or change, as per the modern times.

When almost every information is available on search engine and the Internet, what difference does it makes if a kid forgets a theorem or a historical fact?

Hello Friendz

We are drowning in the ocean of information, but gasping for wisdom. And this, Class 10th or Class 12th “marks” or ‘grade’ won’t reveal.

Both IIT and IIM pass out, had once told me a very interesting fact. Average students are studying in these institutions, who score average marks or grade however one thing which he observed among them all was consistency. The desire to excel, without thinking about failures. On the other side of the story studying in such premium, institute do not proclaim about the aptitude of a student.

Basically in life too, that’s the only skill which matters. The world will push you, defeat you, throw you away, but how soon you get up, and resume your battle is all that matters.

Do you really think “Marks” or “Grade” really matter??

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